Monday, August 4, 2008

Exciting News!

So, as it turns out, we only have one more data collection left to acquire. Currently, we are expecting to have a sample size of 1500 out of an eligible 3000. About a 50% return rate is not that bad. To get this return rate, i had to attend the CTOPS after dark event in order to recruit people into the study. This meant having a cheaply made poster that said "free ipod" and a bag of candy. It was well worth it though to see the future generation of Carolina students. Nothing made me feel happier and more old at the same time. I can't believe that it is my senior year, and here i am remarking on the incoming first year students. It seems just like yesterday that we pulled into the parking lot of Ehringhaus.

Now, living off campus and conducting my research study, the grounds are laid for me to pursue a career in psychology.

Tomorrow i meet with my advisor, and we are going to begin running analysis. I am excited and eager to see the current trends. Another component to my study is going to be underway as we plan the follow up to this study. We'd like to find a nice sample for the follow up as well to see how the college transition truly affects individuals drinking behaviors. I am incredibly excited!

More to come soon!



uncfan87 said...

Glad things seemed to have turned around a little bit, but when you put in such hard work they turn around for a reason. Looking forward to talking to you in person about your project. See you soon.

brett said...

If I were to wager a guess at why, I’d say that users don’t “browse” forms. The interaction style users engage in with forms is different, and requires its own study and design best practices.

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