Monday, June 16, 2008

So far this project has been quite stressful. We are in to the third week of Carolina's Orientation program. I am juggling this job along with another, and it has been quite a job to get everything together.

I also am juggling trying to be persuasive to the Orientation Leaders and fighting being annoying. I'm taking them cookies and rice crispy treats to make them work harder! It's tough knowing both sides of an issue. On the one hand I know that they have a million things going on, but on the other, I really need the best possible return on my data that is possible. Right now, we are at a 30% return rate. This rate needs to reach 75% in order to be the best possible representation of the UNC population.

Of the surveys that i have looked at, there seems to be some trends that will come out statistically significant. It's too early to tell for now though!! Look soon for the first round of analyses!



uncfan87 said...

Good work so far, keep the updates coming. I bet as you and the OLs get the routine down you'll start getting higher response numbers. Good luck.

brett said...

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